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We visited MindFood HQ last week.  They have recently moved to an allotment in Ealing and are currently rejuvenating the site. Ed Harkness co-ordinates helpers clients and volunteers gave us a tour of the site.  Currently they are busy planting salad stuff; creating a sensory garden; making a geo dome green house; and delivering training to clients from Ealing and Hounslow Boroughs.  The good news is that Edible Ealing will be working with MindFood during July and August to provide an EALING ONLY veg box for our customers.  We are more than a little excited about this!  We will also be working with several allotment holders and CULTIVATE LONDON (another Ealing based charity) to tickle your tastebuds over the summer holidays.  You can even get involved in the picking as MindFood will be harvesting produce early on Friday mornings…more details to follow.

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The Lucky Dip offering is back! Elizabeth and her stupendous allotment are ready for action…last weeks bag was a huge success.  More wonderful offerings to follow in the coming weeks…meanwhile here are some pictures to whet your appetite and remind you of what you are missing if you don’t order the Lucky Dip!  Remember all proceeds go to the African Great Lakes Project.   The lucky dip is at the end of the order form and currently only a quantity of 1 can be accepted.  No other box scheme offers such a worthy addition to their boxes….

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We pack our boxes fortnightly on Fridays between 9.30am and 11.30am at St Mary’s Church Polygon Centre, South Ealing Road. We have a regular group of volunteers, but would welcome some extra help sometimes.  It’s a fun task – sorting, weighing and packing our fabulous fruit and veg and other local comestibles.  We also provide tea and Celestial Cake – which is always welcome!  We would be delighted for others to volunteer, just send us an email to edible.ealing@gmail.com and include VOLUNTEER in the title. We are all volunteers running Edible Ealing for the community and we hope you will enjoy being involved – the more the merrier! Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to date, it has been great meeting you and expanding our team. Below is a picture of Walter, our youngest volunteer!

WalterSharon and Louise


Last week’s box included many delicious goodies, the quality was excellent.  The veg box was spilling over with delights – huge bag of carrots, cauliflower, fresh salad and chard from Brentford – all of these from our shores. So despite the bad winter weather our suppliers have turned up trumps.

We look forward to more of you joining us